Elchemea Data Acquisition

Elchemea Data Acquisition is a software package designed to ease the acquisition of impedance spectra, cyclic voltametry and chrono potentiometry / amperometry.
The main features of Elchemea are:
  • Free and open source (distributed under the GPL).
  • Supports a large variety of frequency response analyzers as well as electrochemical interfaces including:
    • Solartron 1260/1260A
    • Solartron 1250
    • Solartron 1252/1255A/1255B
    • Solartron 1280
    • Solartron 1286/1287
    • Hioki 3322/3532
    • Stanford SR830 (A lock-in amplifier which in some cases can be used as a frequency response analyzer)
  • Can also work with Keithley 2700 scanning multimeter for DC voltage and temperature measurements
  • Browser based (no client installation necessary for remote control).
  • Impedance plots with fixed unity aspect ratio (a half circle IS a half circle).
  • Supports impedance spectra acquisition, potential sweeps as well as DC-measurements (chrono amperometry/potentiometry
  • Interfaces directly with Elchemea Analytical for easy fitting of acquired impedance spectra as well as RFCcontrol for general test station control and data logging
  • Multi user system with individual configuration for each user
  • Automatic file numbering making it impossible to overwrite data files thus eliminating data loss from that
  • Possible to control data acquisition from external systems through a TCP:IP socket interface
Screenshot of impedance acquisition
Screen shot of Elchemea in impedance acquisition mode.

Screenshot of potential sweep
Screen shot of Elchemea in potential sweep mode.
For support or bug fixes contact Søren Koch: sqko@dtu.dk

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