RFCcontrol is a generalized control system for fuel cell, electrolyser cells, battery and other types of materials test stations / test setups. It features data logging as well as device control and can handle gas flow control, temperature control, relay control, control of DC power supplies as well as handle data acquisition through a number of data logging devices.
The main features of RFCcontrol are:
  • Free and open source (distributed under the GPL).
  • Wide range of control and data logging devices supported, including but not limited to:
    • Brooks® and MKS® digital mass flow controllers.
    • Tescom ER3000® digital pressure controllers.
    • Analog pressure controllers as well as analog flow controllers.
    • Eurotherm® temperature controllers as well as some controllers from some other vendors (Omron®, Honeywell®, Linkam® and West Instruments®).
    • Delta Elektronika® DC power supplies.
    • EA Elektro Automatik® electronic loads.
    • ICP-Con® DO-, DA-, DI- and AD-modules.
    • Keithley® 2700 and 2750 scanning multimeters as well as 2400 source meters (Support of these through the gpib_socket_server supplied separately)
  • Easy to set up to comply with the Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity
  • Automatic data acquisition/logging which is independent of the user interface.
  • Possibility to use custom calibrated thermocouples for temperature measurements in additional to the use of the standard thermocouple calibration tables obtained from NIST.
  • Centrally managed user authentication / user permission control.
  • Browser based (no client installation necessary for remote control).
  • Interfaces directly with Elchemea Analytical and Elchemea Data acquisition
  • For simple furnaces it may be advantageous for the normal users if the RFCfurnace package is added
  • The gasmontoring ad-on allows RFCcontrol systems to be used for easy gas or temperature monitoring (for display and notification purposes only!)
Screenshot of RFCcontrol for a fuel cell test rig
Screen shot of RFCcontrol for a fuel cell test rig

Screenshot of configuration of a rig controlled by RFCcontrol
Screen shot of configuration of a rig controlled by RFCcontrol
For support or bug fixes contact Søren Koch: sqko@dtu.dk

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