RFCfurnace is an add-on to RFCcontrol which enables a RFCcontrol rig to be used with a simplified user interface. Only RFCcontrol rigs with a single controlable temperature controler (TempControl device) can be used in this way. The idea is that simple furnaces can be more easialy used by normal users without knowledge of the complete RFCcontrol control and configuration interface.
The main features of RFCfurnace are:
  • Free and open source (distributed under the GPL).
  • Automatic data acquisition/logging which is independent of the user interface.
  • Centrally managed user authentication / user permission control.
  • Browser based (no client installation necessary for remote control).
Screenshot of RFCfurnace setup
Screen shot of RFCfurnace for when setting up a furnace run
For support or bug fixes contact Søren Koch: sqko@dtu.dk

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